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 Did you know? FAQ for users

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PostSubject: Did you know? FAQ for users   Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:58 am

This will be expanded as we go along but its to highlight some lesser known features in the forum.

Did you know you can upload pictures into this forum?
- You can enter your own personal gallery located here click your personal album and click the upload picture tab

- Also you can actually rate and add comments to peoples pictures using the gallery function to view other peoples gallery click users personal albums there you will be able to see everyones album and view / rate / comment on their pictures.

Did you know you can add flash animations and video using the tabs located at the post a new topic section?
- You can add a video by clicking the video icon there a pop up will ask you for the url where u can just copy the url from the video site and paste it in the pop up bar

- the code if you dont want to do that is [youtube]your url[/youtube]

the video will be viewed inside your forum thread. like this.

Will add more as we move along. A lot of the features of this site is either being worked on or turn off on purpose. The calendar which will be given to store / and hobby group leaders will be useful for them to post and organize events. If you have played an mmo you would be familiar with the "raid calendar feature"
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Did you know? FAQ for users
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