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 X-Wing Session 100pts (Rebels vs. Imperials) on November 11th, 2012

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PostSubject: X-Wing Session 100pts (Rebels vs. Imperials) on November 11th, 2012    Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:34 am

Here's a short battle report that I wrote on my X-Wing blog.

After watching the X-Wing World Championship, I decided to have a session with my friend, Gene. He was using the same Imperial squad build that won the Worlds and I decided to give it a shot.

My Rebel Squad:
Wedge — Swarm Tactics and R2D2
Gold Squadron Pilot — Ion Cannon
Rookie Pilot x2

Gene’s Imperial Squad:
Vader — Swarm Tactics
Howlrunner — Swarm Tactics
Obsidian Pilot
Academy Pilot x3

The Battle Summary:

So here’s out it goes. Gene’s has the initiative and decided to go first. He deploys his TIE Fighters in 2-by-2 formation with Howlrunner move together with another TIE Fighter, as for Vader, he decided to take his own solo path. As for me, all my Rookie Pilots stayed close by to Wedge and my Y-Wing decided to go solo path as well.

The game was intense from that point on wards. My mistakes was I totally forgotten that Wedge has Swarm Tactics and Gene didn’t forgotten his. Wedge got shot down extremely early and at the point I told myself it’s over but I decided to continue on manages to take down a TIE Fighter. Gene makes some maneuver mistakes and 2 of his TIE Fighters crashed unto the asteroid and unable to attack.

Later on, I decided to use Ion Cannon on Howlrunner and secured a hit. Both my X-Wings chase after Howlrunner trying to take it down as soon as possible, but after seeing Howlrunner will slowly move out of the battlefield, I decided to concentrated on Vader and Gene’s two other TIE Fighters. I also did some mistakes and lost one of my X-Wing to an asteroid. My Y-Wing did tries to Ion Cannon-ed Vader but didn’t secure a hit. Vader with a TIE Fighters decided to take a few shot at Y-Wing and my solo X-Wing. My Y-Wing shields were gone and with 4 hull damage and my Rookie Pilot still surviving with full shields.

After Gene tried a few more shots at my Y-Wing, finally took it down. Now I am only left with a solo Rookie Pilot and Vader with two TIE Fighters, 3 against 1 .. the odds are looking good on my side.

In the end, Gene’s Vader and TIE Fighters brought down my Rookie Pilot. The lesson I learn, do not forget “Swarm Tactics”, it’s very important in every game.

Till next time, happy gaming. Cheers.

Here's the link to my Battle Report as well --
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X-Wing Session 100pts (Rebels vs. Imperials) on November 11th, 2012
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