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 Ignores cover? Maybe not...

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PostSubject: Ignores cover? Maybe not...   Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:00 am

Interesting gem i saw.

Ignores Cover - Cover saves cannot be taken against WOUNDS caused by weapons with the Ignores Cover special rule.

So can a vehicle takes a cover save against a weapon with Ignores Cover special rule?
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PostSubject: Re: Ignores cover? Maybe not...   Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:52 am

This has came up a number of times. Although its quite debatable that why just wounds are susceptible to ignore cover and a huge tank suddenly is fine. Or in gaming terms its logical to mark 20 grots with 2 markerlights to ignore cover, but I cant ignore a land raiders cover. N if its because its a moving target how come I can ignore cover on jetbikes but not a dreadnought...

GW is kinda renown for lack of clarity or typo check in all their rules... like inv saves are for wounds, so does that mean the heldrake cant take inv saves? lol

If you follow the book yes it sounds that way. But logically....

vehicles take cover saves exactly like a non-vehicle model would do against a Wound (for example, a save of 5+ for a wood and so on. So if an attack wouldn't allow a non-vehicle model a cover save against a wound for any reason, a vehicle can't take a cover save against it either.
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PostSubject: Re: Ignores cover? Maybe not...   Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:25 pm

I agree with Pax, where does it say that vehicles can ignore 'Ignore cover saves' rule?
This rule should apply to vehicles too coz it is the specialty of the weapon itself(or it's bullets).

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PostSubject: Re: Ignores cover? Maybe not...   

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Ignores cover? Maybe not...
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