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 Q&A credits donation

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Q&A credits donation  Empty
PostSubject: Q&A credits donation    Q&A credits donation  EmptyWed Mar 07, 2012 5:48 am

Hi there,

This thread is to help shed some light on how and where does the money go to help manage the forum.

First and foremost the forum as it is right now with the ads and the set url is free. And the contribution is purely to make the forum much more personalized to our needs. Like getting rid of the ad banners, storage and a personalized url.

For starters to get the ball rolling i will purchase the domain name for one year, and a ad ban for the first 3 months.

To donate / contribute you can scroll right to the bottom of the forum and click the contribution tab. There you just follow the simple instructions on purchasing forum credits. The forum management does not gain any of your donations as the transaction is between you(the contributor) and the forum company www.forumms.net which sells the forum credits, once the purchase is made the credits will then be used by the forum management to purchase upgrades for this forum.

Our target upkeep for this year will be

1600 credits for domain name
1000 credits to 1200 credits for ad ban for members
+ 600 credits for 50mb storage for one year

= 3200 credits used a year for upkeep

Listed below is the credit price for your reference

You can choose below, the additional storage you wish to get (Validity : one month) :

50 Mb : 50 Credits
100 Mb : 100 Credits
200 Mb : 200 Credits
300 Mb : 300 Credits
500 Mb : 500 Credits

Ad removal
we are looking to use the registered users option as it is cheeper.

Registered Users:
You can choose below, the additional time during which ads will be disabled for your members

Add 1 month(s) : 100 Credits
Add 2 month(s) : 200 Credits
Add 3 month(s) : 300 Credits
Add 6 month(s) : 500 Credits
Add 12 month(s) : 1000 Credits

Members and guests:
You can choose below, the additional time during which ads will be disabled for your members and your guests.

Add 1 month(s) : 200 Credits
Add 2 month(s) : 400 Credits
Add 3 month(s) : 600 Credits
Add 6 month(s) : 1000 Credits
Add 12 month(s) : 2000 Credits

Domain name
For 1600 credits you can have a personalized domain name for one year.

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Q&A credits donation
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