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PostSubject: Forum live   Forum live EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 6:19 am

sorry for the ganguan teknikal... could not go online yesterday cause of some RL stuff, had some issues yesterday but resolve them today.

Whats live
- NO MORE ads! for registered users
- 50MB space
- Optimization features
- Better Back end management tools for paid user
- fix signatures bug
- Calander tab NOW WORKS! alvin, and jeff could you test it out and post and event.
- i have added 3000 credits and use up about 1900 for the initial promise. 3 months ad free, 50 mb for gallery, and personalized url. The donation box is now live too so if you love us, donate Razz
- new optimized mobile phone viewing. Check out this forum to see the new optimized mobile viewing

Guide: how to post a calander event -
Quote :
- go to wargaming events
- Create a new topic there you will see a calendar function below the text box
- dont forget to link your event to the calendar. - to do that click the calendar and copy and paste the url in your event topic.
- Post your event
- you should see your event when you click the calendar.
- Alternatively you can also click the calendar tab on the navigation panel and add event on the date you are having your event. All the details, links etc will be posted
in the wargaming events sub section

Whats being delayed bcs of the forum company
- Our URL will be www.wargamersMalaysia.com - Will be activated in a few days, waiting for approval from the forum company.

Really sorry for the delay. Ty for your patience
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Forum live
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