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 Sturm-zombies Platoon

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Sturm-zombies Platoon Empty
PostSubject: Sturm-zombies Platoon   Sturm-zombies Platoon EmptyMon May 14, 2012 2:48 pm

This list pretty much screams "cheap" and "mediocre".
Basically it is built upon the original core set.
300 AP
Sturmgranadiere Platoon

Command Section

1st Section - Battle Grenadiers
2nd Section - Laser Grenadiers
3rd Section - Recon Grenadiers

Support Section Lothar
Support Section Sniper Grenadier Team
Support Section Beobachter Team

Blutkreus Platoon

Command Section
Sigrid von Thaler
1st Section - Axis Zombies
2nd Section - Laser Grenadiers
3rd Section - Axis Zombies
4th Section - Axis Zombies
Support Section - Ludwig
Support Section - Ludwig

I tried making a viable 450 AP while keeping cost($) down but quite hard if you don't combo with revised core too.
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Sturm-zombies Platoon
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