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 Variants rules Q&A

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Variants rules Q&A Empty
PostSubject: Variants rules Q&A   Variants rules Q&A EmptyWed Nov 07, 2012 6:26 am

Some rules Q&A has been compiled in the Official SWX Miniatures Game forum and I decided to share it here for everyone to read ...

Critical Hits:

If a pilot has received a Blinded Pilot Card, does he have to be able to fire at an opponent before turning the card upside down? Yes. You must perform a legitimate shot to remove the effects of this card.

Does Detirementation only ignore cards with the word Pilot on them? Yes. You receive no damage at all when you receive a faceup Pilot damage.

Can “Night Beast” still receive his free focus if he received a damaged sensor? No. He may not as the card prohibits "actions listed in your action bar".

Does a pilot who has received a Stunned Pilot card receive damage when his movement marker falls over another ship? No, unless the movement marker would have you stop overlapping the Pilot.

If a card says “Action:” do you have to take an action to remove the effects of this card? Yes. You still have a damage, however you no longer suffer the effects of the damage card.

Actions, and Primary Weapons:

Can a ship have both an evade or a focus? Yes, only if given as a result of an upgrade or pilot ability. “Night beast” for example may perform a green move and receive a focus for free, and use an action to evade, or barrel roll if he chooses to.

Can a pilot save his target lock and use it in subsequent rounds of combat? Yes, as long as he doesn’t make another target lock.

Can you use a target lock while stressed? Yes. You may not acquire a target lock while stressed though.

Can you barrel roll after a move that would run you into another ship to avoid running into the ship? No.

Is barrel roll an action? Yes.

If Darth Vader is under stress can he still take an action? No. No actions can be taken if you are stressed.

Can you shoot someone who isn’t in your firing arc or out of your range if you have a target lock on them? No.

Secondary Weapons and Upgrades:

When a Pilot uses a secondary weapon, does he get range bonuses? No. Only primary weapons get range benefits. The Defender likewise does not receive an extra evade die for being at range three.

Does shooting a secondary weapon through an asteroid give the defender an extra evade die? Yes.

Can you use a target lock to reroll dice on a secondary weapon? Yes, however if the secondary weapon requires a lock to be used, then you may not reroll. (The Ion Cannon is the only thing so far that will allow you to do that.)

Can swarm tactics be used on another pilot using swarm tactics to give all three pilots the same initiative as the first pilot? Yes. If the first pilot has a 9 initiative and uses his swarm tactics on a pilot with 8 initiative, who uses it on a pilot with 4 initiative, they all will have 9 initiative.

Can you use use two proton torpedoes at the same time from one ship? No. you may only use one per attack.

Can a pilot use cluster missiles and attack only once and avoid discarding it? No.

Are Pilots who have special abilities that don’t specify Primary attacks able to use their abilities for secondary attacks? Yes.

Does your secondary weapon need to be within your firing arc? Yes, unless specified it doesn’t.

Can you Fire your secondary weapon while stressed? Yes.

When you use Cluster Missiles with focus, do you get the ability to focus for both shots? No, you must choose either the first shot group, or the second.

Can an upgrade with a bullet in front of its name be used more then once? Yes. You can only have one per side though.

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Variants rules Q&A
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